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one of my favorite things about going to work conventions is the weird ass convention booth feelies you can get that are just so disassociated from ANYTHING reasonable

our lab office has like fifteen squeezie einsteins.

I have a cow stress-squeezie from a job fair back in college

I think in one of the desk drawers I've got like a shotglass from a place that makes a kit that analyzes coolants

Anyway, I kiiind of have today off due to scheduling? So I think I'm going to draw my old Legend of Zelda tabletop fan character* doing something cool. She ran down a lanmola's back once and didn't fall off, maybe I'll draw that.

*to clarify, the Gerudo one, because people who can't handle a Gerudo nose don't deserve them in any gender

We voted! And saw a fish so fat I think it was gravid!

Been using different art for that post every time to see what sticks. If THIS one doesn't get any traction, I guess I'll make a best-of next time?

I will draw things for you for money, especially fantasy, horror, and furry (or furry-adjacent) art! I hear I'm pretty okay at it! $20/hr, minimum one hour, and I work digitally. I invoice through Paypal. Three slots available. Let's talk!

Here's a video that seems like a typical 90s megamix presentation until it keeps panning over all the rave-deelybops aunts 'n uncles filling the audience.

Anyway, guess I ought to fire up my art computer and make a proper commission post on this account, too, since I have gotten ZERO bites the other two places I made one.

Every time I see a Second Life Marketplace review complaining that [specific furry or otherwise non-human body part] doesn't take Omega appliers I die a little bit.

You all know how Omega WORKS, right? You know it requires a specific standardized UV map that the vast majority of furry stuff does not use, right?

This applies to basically ANY platform, not just a specific console/OS. We adults have the luxury of finding other stuff to do; if you have the resources you probably have some Steam/GOG/etc. backlog you've been meaning to get to, and if you're broke there's still a lot of choices on places like

OR READ SOME WEBCOMICS, those are great and usually free!

I'm excited for things announced this E3 (yaaay David Hayter Snake yaaay), don't assume I'm trying to get all high and mighty here.

Waiting a few extra months for a shiny new game is absolutely worth workers having the time to make a good product and be treated with decency. Please be mindful of how the constant demand for NEW, NOW is inherently harmful to often non-union devs.

As fans of the medium, we can promote indie studios trying not to grind themselves to dust in addition to chilling the F out in terms of demand for fresh media. Excitement is great! Just remember that the people who make the stuff we love are people!

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Can't wait to be a big goofy purple space dragon and button-mash my way to passable results!


Aaand we're done! That was fun, there was a sufficient combination of bright colors and recognizable objects to trigger some dopamine in my brain.

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