Do I really want to pay for custom image storage and go through this trouble to future-proof my training environments on @digitalocean? Or do I bite the bullet and migrate to some Linux.

How to upload a FreeBSD custom image on DigitalOcean

@jpmens why do you need custom image storage to run FreeBSD on DO?

@FiLiS it's not that I need.. They currently have 12.2 only, and that's going EOL, so what's going to happen then?

How long will I be able to perform new installs with 12.2?

@jpmens 12.2 already _is_ EoL as of 2022-03-31. And they don't have 13 or are willing to add support for 12.3? Are you doing fresh installs every time, no upgrades of the existing VMs?

@FiLiS I do fresh installs which permits me to delete when not in use. Saves a few bob

@jpmens I don't know how much you need to use DO, but we've been using for some VM things, they at least have 13.0, no 12.3 as far as I can see.

@FiLiS I could certainly change from DO to Vultr for these trainings. It'd be nice if they had a similar API with which to create instances (I believe so).

Question is for me whether it's simpler to migrate my stuff to 13.0 or to drop FreeBSD entirely for this. It's not rocket science, but I did invest quite a bit of time then, and would like to salvage some of the tech.

@jpmens @FiLiS I know with my current and past overlords often it’s just a matter of asking if it can be added and they are happy to do it. With the BSDs it’s often just a matter of them not thinking to upgrade it. If you haven’t already asked your account manager it’s likely worth talking to them.

@sng @FiLiS I don’t have the luxury of having an account manager. :) I asked DO roughly 1/2 year ago and they said they were evaluating the necessity. Considering that FreeBSD 12.2 is now EOL I assume they determined the answer to that is “no”.


@jpmens @sng I just emailed DO today and got this back: "... the action plan is to retire FreeBSD versions through the UI starting June 2022 and through the API starting August 2022. We get that this might not be great news for customers like you who want to use FreeBSD on our platform, and you can still do that using Custom images, or through a Snapshot of your FreeBSD based Droplet" :(

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@FiLiS thank you for doing that. This makes it urgent for me to find a solution so I'll get cracking on that. FWIW I will not use snapshots or custom images there as that would force me to keep them "live" and also pay for their storage, something I'm not really willing to do.


@jpmens @FiLiS Well that’s a bummer. Sorry to hear that.

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