So, the fact that my main e-mail client (Mailpile) and my social media (Mastodon) are both browser-based means that I cannot easily open random links coming my way through these channels in a separate cube, using porcupine:

This is less than ideal. Why does everything have to be browser-based these days.

You're welcome to hang out on IRC and socialise with !xmpp <3

@mmn yeah, I might get back to XMPP, but I still feel it needs to make up its mind about a set of baseline extensions that would be expected to be implemented by any compliant server and client. Currently the support matrix is a mess.

IRC -- yes, that's the next thing I am setting up. :)


@rysiek @mmn After you've set up IRC, set up as a gateway to your instant messenger accounts. There's also a Bitlbee plugin for :

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