I wish would offer granularity with subscribed channels.
I'd love to be able to set how many videos per channel would show up in my default view.
Something like [none, some, more, all], similar to ' Circles/Community amount settings.
There are some channels, mostly channels, that only periodically start a series that I enjoy following; usually it just adds noise to my subscriptions feed. Would love to collapse those to a single daily digest item.

Being able to blacklist or whitelist certain games in your feed in would also make a huge difference. Especially when a game or topic is new/popular, and several channels I follow create content around it, while I'm utterly uninterested in that specific topic, but still want to follow their other content. Having a blacklist would solve that.
Likewise, some channels I only follow because of a single series or topic; having a channel-specific topic whitelist would be great.

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