I've been traveling a lot, dealing with a lot of personal shit, dealing with invoicing, and I've even gotten some nice headway on Spritely. I think it's time for some relaxation for a day, including some relaxing hacking. I shouldn't have to feel like I'm asking permission to do this kind of thing but I feel like it anyway.

@cwebber I've been trying to explore hacking as a form of relaxation too by forcing myself to work on very small things (because "relaxing" on a larger project turns into sleepless nights). I'd be curious to know how you approach it and prevent yourself from getting too serious and re-stressed.

I recently set myself up a repository to try to encourage myself to do just that (https://mikegerwitz.com/projects/night/about/), though I haven't had too much time for it yet. Though it did have an unexpected consequence: one of the things I did was write a sed script to make little balls move and fall around a barely-interactive ASCII map, and my kids fell in love with it.
@fixato Thank you for taking the time to tell me and take those screenshots.

I did neglect trying to restyle cgit a little bit while working on my site's mobile layout, but I didn't realize it was this bad. I'll play around with it a bit. Thanks again for the bug report. :)

@mikegerwitz no problem :)
I do like your idea of night hacking projects. :)
Personally I like coding on small proof of concept things, or scratching an itch someone online has. Downside though is that if something isn't working as I'd expect it, there's a big chance of getting frustrated and being stuck on it till I actually find a way to solve it.

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