I've made a challenge for myself, I'm going to try to write in new-norwegian and speak dialect for a month.

New-norwegian is a culmination of all the norwegian dialects trying to perserve our own language as the other one is highly influenced by Danish and Swedish from when they owned Norway.

Will ne interesting. I was absolutely terrible at new-norwegian at school amd would just come up with fake Swedish words instead.

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@ChrisTalleras I heard the norwegian language is quite the mess of dialects, this is interesting :D

@Ayior @ChrisTalleras as a Dutch guy living in , a port and university city that is the capital of the (county) Nordland, as well as the home of several Norwegian Armed Forces units, and thus a melting pot of people (along with their varied dialects) from various parts of , I can attest to that.
Following a group conversation, especially when there are multiple dialects involved, is still a bit of a struggle for me. Fortunately, most here speak rather than .


@Ayior @ChrisTalleras
Here's a nice overview of various forms of personal pronouns: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norwegia
For instance, Jeg, Eg, Jé, jè, jei, e, æ, æg, æi, æig, jeg, ej, i, eig, jæ, all mean "I".

Not sure if that even includes Sámi languages, which are also considered official languages of equal worth. Official legal documents can thus be required to be made available in Sámi in at least in certain municipalities:

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