The more I use , the more I wish it had a Collections feature similar to .

I.e., people could follow all of my posts, but for instance opt-out of my Star Trek, or Music toots, without having to resort to hashtag- or keyword-exclusion filters.

Alternatively, people who would only be interested in my Development toots, could subscribe just to a Dev Collection instead.

I guess I should open a issue on Github?

@FiXato you could have more than one account and there are also other platforms that can be used for different things. Check to check out more decentralised platforms

@ChrisTalleras that just feels way too cumbersome, especially on desktop browsers. Besides, I prefer having all my contacts and all my posts in a single account. Just like I wouldn't like having to find and follow multiple accounts to see all the content a person posts.

I think it really depends on content. If you want people do be able to follow different types of content then multiple accounts is the way to go


@ChrisTalleras yeah, but just looking at the collections I would be posting to:
- Films and Series
- Development
- Privacy and Security
- Art
- Music
- Personal life
- Parenting
and more
That'd be a lot of accounts to manage.

I agree that posting a lot of pictures would prob be better on a separate account on a dedicated platform such as Pixelfed, and sharing video through a separate PeerTube, and longform ppsts through Pterotype or Diaspora/Friendica, would prob be more suitable.

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