update for owners who had Comments widget enabled for their blog:
github.com/FiXato/Plexodus-Too has had some big updates in the past week, specifically the github.com/FiXato/Plexodus-Too section.

bin/export_blogger_comments.sh can be used to archive all Comments for your Blogger blog.

Note, most of these tools can also be used if you use Google+ Comments for Sites.

Today's freshly committed code will not only request relevant JSON from the APIs, it will also combine it all into single structured JSON file per domain.

Hurry up though, the scripts rely on the which will go away on March 7th, so in a few days.

The most important will be to retrieve all the data; once the data is cached locally, future updates to improve structure and parsing of the JSON archive can work based on the cached results.


Interestingly btw, the (Web and REST) APIs are already randomly returning HTTP 204 and 404 responses, even for valid requests, which forced me to implement automatic and manual retries of API queries.

Even if no one else will end up using these scripts, I do feel like I've learnt quite a bit about and collected a nice set of functions.

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