*Finish your drinks already!*
It always bugs me when I see people leave their drinks half-finished, especially on TV shows...

@FiXato I almost want to finish it off for them.

Hey, the alcohol will kill the germs, right?


in the , probably, but not in the synthale beer that Chief O'Brien just left standing on
At least on those shows I guess they can recycle it in the replicator.

Ugh, he just left another.... why order a pint when a flute of beer will be enough?

@FiXato Such waste. Seems like even in the future, humans haven't learned their lesson. 🙄

@FiXato I bet you Alternate Uni O'Brien wouldn't do such a thing. 😉

@FiXato I'd share a Landshark with you if I could. Won't be having that tonight, though.

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