Since has been gaining more popularity since , let's see how he does against 's and 's .

fans, cast your votes! Try not to let your bias for the , and shows colour your vote for best captain!

Boost welcome. πŸ––


Wow, got more love than ?
getting no love, is no surprise, but I expected Pike to do better than Janeway as well. I guess you don't count when you don't have your own series.

Then again, just 4 votes is hardly significant.

FWIW, Pike would've been my choice here.

@FiXato yes you definitely need a larger sample size, no it's not surprising because Janeway is best captain ever.

of course you think so, as she somehow managed to conjure up torpedoes and shuttlecrafts out of thin air ;)
Just imagine how much profit she could've made ;)
Then again, she ruined a very profitable Ferengi business operation of the only Ferengi in the Delta Quadrant.

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