I really wish implemented a Collections feature similar to what had.

(And of course that everyone actually used it to categorise their posts into the appropriate collections/categories.)

@FiXato I was never much of a G+ user but my husband used to be on it a lot. I guess it's kind of like a more textual pinboard? Looks like it would be a good use case for RSS, like following specific tags of specific accounts.

it was not that different from Mastodon and Facebook as you'd be following people, though contrary to Facebook, the focus was more on interests rather than following people you already know.
It focused more on long-form posts with limited formatting (though it syntax had quirky bugs...), and high quality photo support was refreshing, especially in the beginning when most networks still compressed the crap out of them.

The benefit of Collections over Hashtags is that you don't have to 'share' the results with others who use the same hashtag. and that it's easier to use a more generic description/name. Since Collections end up being rather fixed. you didn't have to remember which specific tags you used the previous times. It also allowed you to follow everything of a user. *except* specific collections. or just a few of them. Since it's part of the system - 1/3

@lj_writes it also didn't cost you characters of your message just to include the appropriate tags either. The profile would list them. which also made it easier to follow or exclude topics right from the start. rather than when you noticed another topic for which you'd have to find the right hashtag to exclude. As they also had a description. it was also easier to see whether for instance Ruby collection referred to the scripting language - 2/3

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