Picked up these copies of and for the from today.
Tomb Raider was 50% off, so I got it for about 25 NOK (β‰ˆ 2,57 EUR; 2.93 USD).
The Pre-Sequel I got for 10 NOK (β‰ˆ 1,03 EUR; 1.17 USD).
I've never played any of either series before, but I've heard much praise about both, so for these prices I just had to pick them up, even though I'm still deep in .



I've played a bit of , and it does (still) look impressive.

I've gotten to the first campfire scene, and while I'm not very familiar with games much, and had to get used to that, it didn't bother me so much.

Do wish the 'Unlocked video/models x' messages could be hidden though; they kinda ruin any kind of immersion.

has finished updating now, so I'll give that a quick try before diving back in probably. :)

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