The deluge of modern games coming out with the insipid trappings of modern games (microtransactions, DLC promises, Annual Season Pass baiting, roadmaps, time limited events, multi-tiered & ridiculously priced release versions & early access, always online, DRM, fluff cosmetics, multiple confusing game currencies/resources, paid-for inventory space boosts suffocating in trash drops...) has me exploring my back catalogue more & more and finding a calming reassuring simplicity in it.

#games #rant

@FiXato sure, The Technomancer, Kingdoms of Amalur:reckoning, FFXIII, Blue Dragon, Bound by Flame (mainly #RPG but I could go on, many #games left behind in the frenzy to get to the new shiny, but nowadays for me, the shiny is riddled with marketing ploys that cheapen and ruin the whole experience).

To play any game that isn't interlaced with money leeching mechanisms is a real moment of relief and waft of honesty & integrity that is a breath of fresh air.


thanks :) My PC hasn't been able to play any of the latest games for years anyway, and I only recently got a and dirtcheap , so when I actually get a moment to myself to play some games, it's outdated ones anyway. :)
But indeed, there really is no need to play the latest and 'greatest'; as long as the gameplay is great, the amount of pixels doesn't really matter.

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