Tomorrow we'll not only be losing for an undetermined amount of hours due to repair maintenance on the pipes, will also be doing yet another maintenance session on their internet and television cables, which means I can't about being without water, via our fixed .

Gotta remember not to watch videos while on mobile data...

@FiXato I'll wait for the delayed ranting. Please update

currently no water and no unmetered, broadband Internet. What's next? No electricity nor mobile network?

Glad I still have mobile internet so I can check the , else I'd have to find a book to read while on the toilet, or learn by cross-comparing it to the or text on the various hygiene products in the bathroom.

@FiXato sounds like fun! Hope you have a mobile charger. My internet seems to be going down often so I might have a counter rant for you

@Katsudon oh, powerbanks plenty in this household, but fortunately the power outage was merely a hypothetical.

Internet seems to have returned, so I can at least put some on in the background while watching over our , without worrying about using up our monthly data bundle.

Water unfortunately still is gone. It makes me realise how often I usually quickly wash or rinse my hands in between things... even when not really necessary.

@FiXato technician here for my internet. Hopefully no more random outages. How's your progress going?

@Katsudon good to hear :)
internet seems stable again, but it usually went on the fritz in the middle of the night, so we'll see how well it lasts.
Still no water though... I'll have to pack in his pram and see if we can get some jerrycans with water from another side of town in case the outage lasts longer than planned...

@FiXato hooray! Apparently the main line down the street for my internet is work through (chewed, overgrown) so they moved us to a newer line. Getting faster speed than before

@Katsudon that sounds like an excellent improvement at least. :)

Water has indeed been restored here, though I did buy and fill an additional jerrycan for future outages. Will look for another, bigger and more convenient container with a tap as well though, but wanted to have something useful in the meantime.

Now to hopefully get some undisturbed sleep...

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