A while ago I participated in @vicorva's giveaway, and today I received the , -sealed note she sent to me and 9 other lucky winners!

I'll try to take some proper pictures in daylight tomorrow and carefully open the pretty !

@vicorva it looks awesome, and makes me want to get my own wax and stamp (probably in the shape of an eye)!
I saw another got a silver wax seal, so I'm curious how many different wax colours you have? :) Is it a special kind of wax? Was your stamp made specifically for you, or did you just find a generic crow one?

It'll be a shame to break the seal, but I'll do my best to open it with as little damage as possible :D

@FiXato The wax is called sealing wax -- you don't want to use regular wax! I have black, 2 reds, and silver wax. Some are candles, some you cut up and melt in a little spoon over a candle. I find the candles easier to use. :)

The stamp isn't custom but I completely adore it.

Definitely the main let-down is that the seals are so beautiful but they have to be destroyed to open the letter! I do recommend doing wax-sealed letters though. It's a wonderful, tactile experience.

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