@kelbot I've got:
• an
• several systems (with the being my childhood )

(original model)

(European PAL model complete, NA NTSC model without power supply)


Used to have several and machines too, but had to leave them behind when I migrated from the to .

Not actively collecting anymore though...


@kelbot my all-time favourite / are probably the , and though, as that's what I have the most games for. Especially the first two, as I grew up with those systems.
The was a big part of my early childhood. While it may not be the most well-known system/standard internationally, I used it not just for , but also for writing and printing my elementary school reports on, doodling and messing with music.


While most of my classmates had hand-written school reports, I wrote mine on our , in and printed it on a with a paper roll at first, and later on a printer on chain paper.
(At times cussing when I lost my progress because of power failure or a crash; I learned 'save early, save often' at an early age because of it!)
I also have fond memories of creating my own birthday cards in an early programme.

@kelbot the however was our first (not counting the ), and it wouldn't surprise me if that system has had the most of my gaming hours compared to the other consoles. Probably also bought the most games for that system; a lot of them being ex-rentals, some of which were import games from the video-stores.
Also rented a lot of games for the , and at times I regret not buying some of the games we rented.

@kelbot a couple of years ago I wrote a post about some of my early : blogspot.fixato.org/2013/06/ga

It goes a bit more in-depth on what I liked to play, and how some of my fondest are of playing games with/against my mother.

@FiXato @kelbot As a child I once spent hours copying pages and pages of BASIC game code from a magazine only to lose it all because of a power failure. Power cuts were more common when I was growing up in the 80s. When the power returned I started over and did not stop until that code was saved to cassette tape!

@ClearMask and a valuable lesson was learnt (which we probably still forget all too often...): Save Frequently, Save Often.

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