The things people carry on their bikes in Amsterdam never cease to amaze me. In just 15 minutes at this cafe I've seen people carrying: a guitar, children, a rug, grocery bags, a suitcase, two large dogs, a bouquet, four cases of wine. I love how absolutely normal it is too.

while this wasn't in , and I ended up walking with my bike for the most part IIRC, this is how I picked up a free here in , :

I attached a vegetable to the back of my and stuck the microwave oven in it. Forgot to bring more rope to properly secure the oven in it though, but it survived the trip, and has served us well for over a year now :)

@FiXato Excellent! I've seen so many crates like that attached to bikes here!

well, I do originally hail from the ; about 20-30 minutes by bus from , so it's probably in my blood.😅

When you don't have a car / driver's license, you learn to improvise. :)

You should've seen me when I picked up a and + accessories and games with my bike. Two fairly heavy bags attached to the front of my backpack with carabineer hooks, and the backpack itself also loaded. Prob not the safest way, but you gotta make do. 😅

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