how familiar are you with the ?
Since you seem to enjoy coding on these things atm, you might get a kick out of joining the demoscene and perhaps visit a some day?
I think there's no more party scheduled in for the rest of the year ( no longer seems to be arranged since 2014; not sure if is still a thing), but later in October there will be held in : trsac.dk/about/


(if you want to learn more about the , the is a decent place to start: youtu.be/iRkZcTg1JWU

And my own thoughts about it and the demoscene in general, as previously published on : web.archive.org/web/2019031001)

@FiXato @thj

Following the scene since the start of the 2000's - collecting demos and music from Amiga/C64/Atari towards PC has become a full-time hobby :)

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