Here's a quick update on my box.

I'm less thrilled with this paper the more I use it, but this is more or less what the finished boxes will look like.

I've figured out most of what will go in them, too.

I have made some decisions about the video files too, but I'll talk about that in another post.

I am considering, for my delivery method for the video files, to transcode from my DVD rips to a format that will play back in a modern web browser, becuase I can be reasonably certain that everyone will have a modern web browser.

I kind of hate this idea! But I can make small vp9 videos that I can guarantee most users can play back, and also I can include an index page with info about the videos and history and stuff.

This is the most efficient way to do this I can think of.

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I'm open to better ideas though! Technically I could use MP4, there are patent concerns with h264, and h265 doesn't have as wide of support as VP9.

I haven't tried to ship digital video via any mechanism other than a web browser or a torrent, ever. If I'm shipping video via a torrent, I can be reasonably certain that the recipient has VLC or equivalent.

I can make no such assumption about this project.

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@FiXato I will be delivering the files physically, on flash media.

I am trying to determine the file format that will maximize files per disc And msximize playback ability for the average user.

@ajroach42 ah, I see I misread your post :) Need to get some more sleep ^_^

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