If you are to design a public bathroom stall, please make sure you include the following:
• a coat hook; when I come in with a backpack and a jacket, I don't want to have to put any of it on the dirty floor and/or have to hold them as I sit down.
• a sanitiser dispenser; something that can be both sprayed on toilet paper to clean the seat, as well on my hands
• sanitary hygiene products dispensers; for privacy reasons this imho should be in the stall, not the washing area
• wall-mounted trashcan


oh, and please put the toilet paper dispenser actually within reach; on several occasions I've encountered bathrooms where it was barely reachable, neither seated nor standing.

Also, when it comes to the washing up area, I can understand why you want to do away with a paper towel dispenser, but if you have too few air dryers, people will just leave with wet hands. Make sure they actually work, too!
It's no excuse not to have a trash can though.

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