So, apparently my is dead.
I haven't had it on for more than a month, as one or the fans was rattling, and I didn't have time to sort that out and didn't want to risk overheating it.
When I tried to turn it on today, it didn't power on at all.
The motherboard is showing very quickly flickering LEDs from just being connected to the power supply, so perhaps it's just a matter of a dead PSU, but unfortunately I don't think I have a spare one lying around just to test.

I still have my old (mid-2009?) MacBook Pro from when I was better off financially, so I'm not completely dead in the water if I need something better than my phone, but that one has serious thermal issues that unfortunately can't be fixed by just simply removing dust. (Likely the thermal paste on all the internal heatsinks need to be replaced, which would mean a complete tear-down, which imho is not the risk of completely breaking it.)


(I'm not writing this to ask for donations, but more so I have a place to / let of steam, as I don't want to stress my SO who is still at work; she'd otherwise worry about my mental state for the rest of her shift, due to how I've reacted in the past to failing hardware.)

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