Finally purchased @vicorva's during the recent Halloween sales. Downloading it from the store and uploading/opening it in the app was easy enough too. :)
While I'm used to reading with the app, this doesn't look that different, and it's good to have it in a format! ๐Ÿ‘

Now to find a quiet moment to read ;)

Store links at:

ยท 2 ยท 4 ยท 2

@FiXato Thank you so much for buying it and sharing about it! Hopefully it'll be an enjoyable read. ^_^

I *think* the Kindle version is DRM-free as well (or that's the box I ticked, anyway) even though it wasn't in the sale. The MOBI you can get from definitely is.

Oh, wasn't aware that even offered DRM-free options to its authors. :) Good to know!

All-in-all, whichever format to use doesn't really matter much, and this gives me a good excuse to finally give a different e-books reader app a try. I'm mostly used to because my previous phone came with 2 free books every month.

(I thought it was funny that the file from Kobo still had Smashwords in its name ;))

@FiXato 2 free books a month! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Yeah, Smashwords is my distributor for most of the EPUB sales channels and they put their name all over everything. :/

most of the offers weren't really interesting to me, tbh. Book blurbs that, combined with their coverart, make me think of those typical thirteen-a-dozen 'romance' novels, often also the first part in a series (which makes sense, marketin-wise ๐Ÿ˜).
Having said that, I did get a couple of nice thrillers and steampunk books through it. :)

@FiXato Ahh, limited selection. Yeah, that's not very tempting, I much prefer to choose from a full list.

apparently it was only a single book from a 4 book selection, and it was apparently cancelled in November of last year; show how long ago I actually made use of that deal ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜…

I'm getting timeouts on the httpS version of by the way (which is linked in the book).
The plain http version redirects okay to though.

so far I'm quite enjoying the book, and I like theorising about who Larry used to be, and what role Emberlon used to have. :)
I must say, it's quite refreshing to read a book written in British English again. :D

Is there a list with how you'd pronounce all the names though?

@FiXato I'm glad you're enjoying it! :D And yeah, I suppose it is quite British. Unintentional, just natural bias I suppose.

I didn't include a pronunciation guide because I don't mind how people pronounce the names. You're making me think maybe I should have though in case anyone wanted one!

especially for Smythe I can't decide on how his name sounds, mostly because it's a very uncommon name for me; Smith? Smith-ee? Smy-th? (I wish I'd been taught IPA in school...)

To me a lot of book characters feel like they 'exist' before the author tells their story, and thus they already 'have' a name. Pronouncing it differently almost feels as awkward as mispronouncing a real person's name. :)

No pressure though :) Prob just a 'me'-quirk ;)

ยซA hundred responses crowded on her tongue, waiting to be spoken, but what Ree actually said was: โ€˜Itโ€™s Smythe, not Smith.โ€™ Usther shrugged. โ€˜Iโ€™m not hearing a difference.โ€™ยป

ah, that answers that question ;)

@FiXato ๐Ÿ˜… Heh.

Well, for the record, I pronounce it Sm-EYE-th(hard th).

based on the spelling, that was my initial guess too, but English is such an inconsistent language when it comes to pronunciation ;)

@FiXato Yeah, English is a bit of a nightmare language with pronounciation. And good morning! :)

Thx. I have no experience with digital book purchases at all. Luddite, I know...


@bhaugen it's okay, many people are new to ebooks. ^_^ And probably not a Luddite if you're using Linux.

But just to agree with @FiXato -- yeah, EPUB format books (which are what you get pretty much everywhere but Amazon) do work on most ereading software. Can confirm it'll work in Calibre for sure.

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