It appears I received a pinebook pro in the mail.

I don't remember ordering a pinebook pro.

I mean, it Seems like something I'd do, I just have no recollection of it.

I very nearly ordered on three days ago, so I'm glad I didn't order that (second?) one.

I guess I should figure out what slaps.

@ajroach42 A while ago I ordered a Unihertz Jelly Pro, a cheap and very very tiny Android smartphone. They almost immediately contacted me to let me know that the postal method (Singapore or Hong Kong Post, I forget which) had often incredibly long delays when shipping to Canada, but if I wanted to pay $10 or so I could get it shipped via some fast international parcel deliverer. I said no, because a lot of the fun in ordering weird gadgets is in suddenly receiving an unexpected gift from my past self that I've since forgotten about ;)

@keithzg I'd never heard of before, and while their doesn't really look interesting to me, their latest product, the , does look quite interesting:
Especially since I do kinda miss having a on my phone. Definitely something I should follow, so I'll see if I can find it on to add to a . :)

@ajroach42 @FiXato @keithzg Looks like they sold it for 2xx USD/unit. Sounds awesome. Crowdfunded batch seems to be shipping currently. Will it be available in stock somewhere?
@clacke @ajroach42 @FiXato

Very much to my delight, physical keyboards are kindof making a comeback on phones, at least in niche devices. There's this Unihertz BlackBerry-style portrait one, there's Planet Computers' landscape clamshells, and (personally the form factor I like the most, but I've yet to be able to justify the price) F(x)tec's landscape slider. And probably others I don't know of or am forgetting!

@keithzg I've seen the F(x)tec slider before, and it reminded me a lot of one of my favourite previous phones, the . But, yeah, that steep price definitely is a no-go for me.... :(
@clacke @ajroach42

@FiXato @ajroach42 @clacke I still find it so tempting; physically it seems like what we'd have these days if the N900's lineage had continued, including the use of an AMOLED panel . . . but yeah, unless I could commit to it actually replacing my current phone, which I can't really do, it's hard to justify that price. I actually signed on for the pre-order but then demurred when it came time to actually buy it.

This is a big upside of the Pine64 approach, I think; taking a gamble on hardware is a much easier proposition to swallow when it's bargain-bin commodity prices!
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