Want some truly ? Maybe these 4000 year old that turned out to contain ancient are just the thing for you:

While the article gives a nice overview of the these tablets and their history, if you want an example of some of the recipes, you'll have to head over to for the source article:

Ancient for Tuh'u :

«Tuh'u. Leg meat is used. You prepare water. You add fat.
You sear. You fold in salt, beer, onion, arugula, cilantro, Persian
shallot, cumin, and red beet, and [you crush] leek and garlic.
You sprinkle coriander on top. [You add] kurrat and fresh

Image by as taken from (which also contains a modern recreation of the recipe)

Video at:

Also, thanks to @KelsonV for sharing the article in the first place:

I should find some time to try to prepare the modernised interpretation of the recipe one of these days. :)

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