What if, instead of having an enormous infrastructure for providing energy that you can just keep plugging into until you run out of money, the practice was that you had to install a new power source for each additional appliance you use in your home? e.g. If you buy a new computer, you have to set up (or lease) a new solar unit to power it. Would that encourage more circumspection about our individual energy consumption?


what power unit would you recommend for someone like me who lives in northern where lots of snow and lack of daylight for a large portion of the year, would mean solar power is not really a viable option?
A large portion of the power provided through the national power grid here, is generated in hydro power stations, but I can't really install one of those in my own home. ;)

@FiXato Yeah, it's not meant to be a universally applicable system. I'm more just missing about the impact in regions where it could be feasible. I'm convinced that clean energy alternatives are mostly palliative unless coupled with major reductions, but centralized power grids seem to encourage consumption.

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