What is your preferred spelling?

According to №2250 (, this is how your spelling of the word makes you sound:

«okay: NORMAL

(See image description for 's alt-text.)

(Week-long in next post.)

*Poll: What's your preferred ?*

If the attached doesn't include your preferred spelling of the word , feel free to reply. :)

See parent post for related comic:

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, I never realised had such a disputed list of proposed :

Seems the three most accepted ones are:
— early of intentional ('Oll Korrekt' and its predecessor OW, 'Oll Wright'), combined with a presidential campaign by , whose nickname was .

— Derived from words used by () and other people, such as 'okeh' or 'hoke'.

'waw-kay', or 'o ke'.

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@FiXato i moved from "ok" to "okay" in early 2010s, along with changing some of my other idiosyncracies

to be honest, I'm actually not sure what my current most commonly used spelling of the word is; I don't think I often put it in writing.

It's quite likely that I still use "OK" at times, which is influenced by that being the default prompt in , but "okay" probably is more in line with how I'd prefer to write/read it.

When using just two letters though, I think I'd prefer the capitalised "OK" over "ok" though.

but would you also use those in sentences similar to "that food was quite okay"?
To me it feels like "oki (doki)" and "k" have a more limited use, as (AFAICT) they tend to be used as just a simple confirmative response, e.g. "'Can you do that for me?' —'oki doki'"

@FiXato I have used 'oki' in that context, yes. The other two are just confirmative responses as you say.

@FiXato I prefer "ok" because it looks like a normally proportioned cartoon stick man ... holding a gun or something.

"OK" is a more pacifist stick man, but with a freakish big wide head.

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