Erm... No , the translation of 'unsupported' is not 'støttes' (which actually is the passive form that means 'being supported'); it should be 'ustøttet'!

According to this has been an issue for at least 5 years now? o_O


Great news for support in !
The proper translation of 'unsupported' is finally (no longer) supported, and by that I mean 'ustøttet' rather than 'støttet'!

This finally puts an end to an issue raised years ago by @kimgrytoyr / @kimgrytoyr (vet ikke hvilken kontoen din er aktuelt:)) on Twitter. :)

@FiXato Finally! I've been losing sleep over this for years now. Thanks for reporting it and for letting me know!

It's ridiculous that it took so long, but at least it's good to know that reporting it seems to at least do something. :)

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