What have you used for?
β€” Recording / Playback of ?
β€” Computer such as or other programmes / ?
β€” Something else I didn't think/know of?

Or do you have no idea what a is?

Used to exchange spoken word letters with friends. Some got creative and poetic. Used to rig up loop-tapes. And record dreams on tape, in a semi-wake state in the middle of the night.

@EdS the audio note-taking for keeping a sounds like a good idea, though having to talk tends to wake me up more than actually scribbling down something. :)

Exchanging audio letters, especially creative ones, sounds interesting, and sounds like something that could easily be recreated on the too. :)

1) Recording music from the radio.
2) Recording quirky "audio plays/shows" (mostly with a school friend living on the ground floor).
3) Creating mixtapes as soon as I became a proud CD cassette recorder owner.
4) Learning English with a BBC course that came with audio material on cassettes. Listen and repeat!

@encarsia while I did grow up with audio cassette tapes and later on CDs, and had a stereo-tower with double cassette decks, a CD player, AM-FM radio, and even a 33/78RPM record player built-in, I never really made mixtapes. I think I mostly just recorded whole albums, or radio shows onto the cassettes for use in my 'walkman' (it wasn't an actual Sony, so hence the quotes).

I do still have an old recording of a cringe-worthy christmas schoolplay. xD

Besides complete albums (who could afford buying all the good records?) I used mixtapes for my Philips 'walkman' and was quite avid for arranging them - no consecutive songs from the same band, evenly position the absolute favourites on the full length, no empty space at the end (sum up song durations when planning...).

It may sound more complicated than it actually was...πŸ€”

@FiXato Story time "audio play":

My sister of then around 5 years of age and me created a fake radio show after my vicious idea of recording our mom's snoring.

The "show" had some music in it, a celebrity interview (my sister) and a wildlife documentary investigating/including the previously recorded kompromat.

We started playing the tape on a longer car drive on the autobahn and it was worth it.

@encarsia sounds like good fun :)
I look forward to see what my son's generation wull do instead :)
Probably something with a webcam / camera phone anf :)

@zwangseinweisung I started with a , which did support a which you could use to store your own programmes / data, or play bought (or copied) games on from. :)
Fortunately it also supported 3,25" double-sided double density diskettes as well as ROM cartridges, which we eventually go more of as they became from affordable. :)


My SO has a cassette player in his car, so we use that to listen to music. We go through thrift stores and indie releases, and for everything else we got an digital audio to tape deck cassette.

Otherwise, I use them for decoration basically. They're really not that great anymore, other than for the amusement factor.

@katnjia one benefit audio cassette had over (early) CD players in a car, was that they didn't really suffer from skipping when hitting a bump, or needed a buffer to prevent it. :)
And those (, which is what I think you are referring to?) are an amazing invention for cars that don't have an aux input! :)
Briefly used one in my parents' car with an MP3 discman. :)

@FiXato That's what I'm indeed speaking of, however ours doesn't function as an AUX input, rather it's an Media-player.

@FiXato Quick question does VHS are also called cassettes by other people or is it just me?
If yes, for recording/watching video content.

@HCyclop while I sometimes did call those (video) cassettes, I was kinda referring to ( :)

(Though having watched quite some , I'm aware that it's far from the only cassette tape format, and I also wouldn't be surprised if someone had managed to use a typical compact cassette to record video on.)

Also, probably is just as unheard of as its audio/data alternative to a large part of the latest generation(s) πŸ˜…)

@FiXato Ah yeah, thanks. Cassettes and other VHS were only part of my early childhood, and were already long gone when I started getting interested in computing, so I didn't bother to learn their proper names.

@FiXato I did at one point a few years ago use broken cassette tape unspooled from the cases as part of a prop construction for a LARP

@morix hah, that's a creative use of something you'd otherwise have tossed anyway :D

@FiXato it worked well enough :) I think it was tape innards, old circuit boards, and some fake blood all inside a spray painted old BBQ container to make an future brain controlled drone

@FiXato Also used the tape to "decorate" the trees in the neighborhood. Maybe in hindsight not the best idea ☺️

@FiXato can't remember actually. When we were young we were always up to something. Much more than kids nowadays, it seems. Remember roaming around the neighborhood, shooting paper darts with a pvc tube?

@bitsofbas actually, not really... I grew up in a where me and my four year older brother were the only kids around.
I did occasionally visit school friends after school, but I mostly have memories of playing video games with them on and .

Display items. Don't have a player, and didn't use them mich when growing up

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