Since we placed our replacement electric heater panel a bit higher on our wall, it also meant the needed trimming, or else they would cover the panel's vents.

Unfortunately we don't have a machine, so I figured I'd try it by hand.

Haven't looked at any tutorial videos beforehand, and just applied the few basics I remembered from my childhood.

They're not the neatest stitches, and I took a few shortcuts, but it's functional and barely visible from inside the living room.

But wow, /#sewing curtains by hand sure is a tedious chore...

Really makes me wish we had a ... Maybe see if the in-laws have a spare one they aren't using.

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@FiXato pretty curtains, and nice job, but I'd have used superglue and moved on :o)

@jaz previous solution was paperclips...
Superglue would've worked yeah, but IIRC these curtains have been in my SO's family for a while, so I didn't really want to use a method that couldn't fairly easily be undone. :)

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