Before changing :
"Looks like I need to get some new wipes for you soon."

#1Β½yo Beard Grabber immediately walks to the dresser and grabs a new box from the bottom drawer and excitedly hands it to me.

Bless ya, son, for being so eager to help πŸ’š
Let's hope you never 'grow out of' that, but also that you won't have too many people taking advantage of you because of it...

@FiXato such a sweet helpful kiddo! πŸ’• It's amazing when mine makes unexpected thoughtful gestures, too, like bringing Mommy her fuzzy socks because her feet are bare or putting our shoes together for us to wear (even if the left and right sides are switched 😁).

I think kids learn in time who is worth their trust and help and when to draw boundaries--it's one of many things parents can provide the foundation for with a healthy upbringing but they'll ultimately have to figure out on their own.

@FiXato it could be because he thinks @Siiw's feet are too warm, have you thought of that 😀

@FiXato @Siiw Oh no πŸ˜‚ I hope the weather grows warmer fast over there!

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