the is out of food!

loves being read from this short "Een dag met Zoef" (A day with 'Zoom') that I myself was read from as a young kid. He excitedly pokes at various objects and proudly proclaims what he's seeing, and what colours things are.

It's one of those things I'm glad my parents kept for me, and which I decided to keep as well at a later age.

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@FiXato I thought for a moment "A day with Zoom" was a day spent teleconfrencing πŸ˜‚ Also d'awwww!

@lj_writes I'm not sure his name ever got an actual English translation, but it was the closest approximation I could think of. ;)
He's the fastest character in the forest, or at least so he claims, and it's the sound he makes as he zooooooms past. ^_^

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