Wow, finished my first post in way too long again.

Now, let's see if I can keep this up for more than a handful of posts, before I actually publish it online, lol.

In the mean time I'll just treat it as a instead, as see what metadata, structuring and formatting I need/want in it, before I fiddle with and/or some library / to turn it into an actual , either in a new location, or on my old outdated blog.


okay, with a bit of and ¹ hackery I got auto-(de)blurring of content-warning sections on a HTML export of my document working.

Gotta see later on how well this works with what produces via , rather than the export I did through , but this looks promising at least. :)

Right, enough . I need to get a little bit of in...

¹ I probably don't actually need jQuery for this, but () was easier than plain .

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