Managed to pick up a sealed copy of for the for 20 NOK (about 2 bucks) from the bargain bin.
As per my typical play-style, I've already been way more than I should... xD

I haven't seen any of the three #Elkjøp in my area have a bargen bin. Like yes they sell games at pretty good prices but if i want them that cheep my only option has been #Fretex

@Twelve I think this one found a bunch stashed away in their storage area, because I haven't seen and games in there for months, or perhaps even for over a year.

@Twelve also picked up these:
- 5 Gold & Revelations
- Disney

All of them were 20 NOK each, regardless of their other 99/199 price stickers.

I not seen them have any on years. Tho gamestop did, but pretty much all sold out by now. Guess the web is the only option at this point

@Twelve GameStop shut its doors last February here already. :(

Then again, I think I have plenty of games now for it to last me a lifetime at the rate that I am playing games, lol.

I know they are shutting down, but i saw them still open last monuth here.

@Twelve I guess if one of my discs with overpriced extended warranty fails, I still have some place to go, albeit a long travel away. xD

I never bouth warenty. Soo. Makes a good display itwm insted. Well it allready kinda is

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