Where from in Europe can I order an USB foot pedal (1-3 pedals) so that shipping doesn't cost more than the pedal itself?

PCsensor has a very nice 3-pedal device, at a reasonable price, but $39 shipping for a $25 item is a bit much for my wallet right now.

My budget is around 30-40USD total.

Boosts welcome!


@algernon would getting a cheap (or perhaps even second-hand) racing steering wheel with pedals perhaps be an alternative option that might be easier to get locally?

@FiXato Not sure. I don't have much space on the desk, and no (current) use for the wheel part. I need something under my standing desk to act as a push-to-talk button or a modifier or something along those lines.


@algernon does it need to be pressure sensitive?

@algernon judging by your website, I assume this is for a Linux machine, so perhaps a spare USB mouse could work till you find a proper pedal?
Redefine the keys to do what you want through :
You can probably disable the actual mouse pointer through that too, or else just tape over the laser?

Would give you 2 fairly easily accessible buttons you can reprogram. 3 or more depending on your mouse and how nimble your toes are. ;)

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