America in 2020. People using forged (and mis-spelled) cards from a fictitious organisation to misrepresent legislation intended to protect disabled people so they can avoid showing a basic amount of courtesy to help protect others during a pandemic.

Not only is this bullshit ableist as hell, it would literally be easier just for these people to put a damn mask on their faces.

If you're in the US and someone hands you one of these, cut it in two and throw it in the trash.

And, in case someone doubts you, here's a notice from the Department of Justice stating these things aren't endorsed by them:

(Unfortunately they aren't immune to mistakes in their publications themselves, as the link in that post links to a local document on the Windows computer of whoever wrote it... Seriously, does no-one proofread official publications anymore?)


(After way longer than I'd like to spend looking for a contact form, I have notified them of this mistake through the DoJ website, which fortunately didn't require any personal information. So, if the broken link is no longer there, it means they've listened to feedback😅)

@FiXato you're a better American than 99.9% of Americans

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