Right, I think I have the basic app set up the way I want now, so now I can just develop it in , , and instead, as I understand those languages better than or .

Now to write a simple or script to generate the HTML, so it becomes easier to add assets.

Hopefully by the end of the day I have a simple like app can play around with, which will maybe help expand his vocabulary. :)


Okay, I spent too much time tonight instead of sleeping, but got some code now to generate the HTML for 's soundboard app, as well as a tool to add new items to it.
The majority of the metadata, as well as the actual audio and image files will be grabbed straight from and 's 's.
Not sure how useful the metadata will actually be for this app, but it will help identify the files and their sources in the future. :)

Still want to work on the actual interactivity of the app, but that might be easier when I have some more sample media in it to play around with. :)

When I have some more time, I'll pull in some images and audio of things is already familiar with, and see how he responds to tapping on their pictures, hearing their sounds, and perhaps also their words.

Maybe see if I can find an API or library to convert words to sound files via . Or find a decent microphone. :)

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Nice, got a script now which I can call from to convert text to a spoken WAV file using the "Microsoft Jon" voice through a System.Speech.Synthesis.SpeechSynthesizer object.

I hate to give credit, but that voice is a lot better than the alternative I was first playing around with.

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Okay, a bit of padding helps hit the individual numbers better. :)

Also highlighted the background on them, and the visual feedback makes a difference too. :D

The multiple audio files for a single item playing simultaneously needs some changes though, as that doesn't work very well when they have different durations... Should be an easy fix though.

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Thanks! He seems to like it too, but I noticed I need to give the numbers a bit more padding for him to hit the right ones on the small screen of the phone he gets to play with. :)

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