Physical Health (-) 

Made another bad move, and now my back is hurting badly again..
Now great, considering I need to lift up and down fairly frequently...

Physical Health (-) 

@FiXato some kind of back/muscle injury seems to be almost a rite of passage for men in their 30s--I've watched my dad, husband, and friends go through it. :/ have you gotten it looked at or have plans for physical therapy etc.?

Physical Health (-) 

@ljwrites not really. I'm not fond of visiting doctors, and especially not in the current climate.

I've had this pop into my back every now and then since my twenties, after spending several nights sleeping on a drafty floor.

Though usually there were several years in between each occurrence. Unfortunately the past couple of months its reared its ugly head a tad more frequently...

I suspect it has something to do with going less on walks.

Physical Health (-) 

@FiXato oof. My sympathies! The double whammy of child care and having to stay at home couldn't have been easy on an already dicey back :( I hope you can get some relief soon.

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