, or rather indeed looks like it'll be more suitable for my personal blog plans as it's more versatile, so I think I'll try to convert the (unpublished) posts I'd already written in , to tomorrow.

I especially like how I can use the [%collapsible] block for content-warnings, which in output will get replaced by summary/details tags, without actually having to include those tags manually in my Markdown document.

Though I'll probably tweak it a bit more with my own custom block processor.
For one, I'd rather have the block called 'CW' or 'ContentWarning' rather than 'collapsible', as it's more descriptive.
Aside from that, since it's a content warning, I kinda want to load the actual contents from a separate include file. That way the source files can more easily be read without being subjected to content you'd rather avoid.


but that'll be for another day, as my mind is kinda fried right now.
Time for a couple of rounds of while listening to 's album. :)

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