Recently was already complaining about websites having super shitty multi language implementation.. Oh boy did I find another one.. redirects me to (I'm in Switzerland mind you) and there seems like no option at all to switch to any other language. With of course the nice side effect that despite them offering all episodes to watch for free, they're all in German. Guess I'm pirating the special anyway...

So I actually emailed them with feedback. They were nice enough to answer with a picture, which highlights on it's own what a terrible UX their website has...

This was their entire response btw... On the one hand I'm surprised to get a reply at all... Even more surprised to get an answer within 24 hours..

@schoentoon that almost sounds like a 'god what a fool you are for not finding something we think is obvious' response..

@schoentoon @FiXato they changed their ux apparently.. they had the language switch next to the player before, using the ugliest icon i have ever seen πŸ˜…

@schrofi @FiXato I'm now even more curious what this would do in the French speaking part of Switzerland tbh... Would it be in french or in german? πŸ€”


@schoentoon any VPN you can use to spoof it? :)

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@FiXato I don't believe in the whole VPN bullshit half of youtube keeps throwing at me. Only VPN I have is within my own servers πŸ˜‚ which are located in Germany

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