Finally got around to set up with access to my laptop. Now to see if I can easily make it use pubkey access instead of password authentication...
Supposedly this is by putting the key in /sdcard/.GhostCommander/keys/$hostname

ugh... I've been fiddling for waaaaaay too long to add a private key to via its (rather hidden) KeyManager...
and I am still not able to add my key because it keys 'invalid key'.

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why do so many apps have to have such a horrible ....

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gah, you win , I give up!
I'll just turn password authentication on whenever I need to access this laptop from the phone via SFTP, and turn it back on when I'm done.

Not ideal, but the server should only be bound to local network addresses anyway.

I've already wasted enough time on this, and have a hard time remembering what I was actually trying to do anyway.

Normally I'd just use , but this phone already has limited disk space...

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@FiXato unsupported key algorithm perhaps? I've had weird errors in some clients trying to use ed25519 for example.

@remaster I've stuck with plain rsa for that reason before even trying ed25519, and even tried various output formats (ppk, openSSH PrivateKey, PEM RSA private key).

Last I tried was use the GUI to generate a plain rsa key without passphrase even, and used the "Conversions/Export OpenSSH key" option they suggested on
Yet it still complains about 'invalid key'.

@FiXato Well feller, that's because most of them there programs are made by programmers and they don't have a UI design team I reckon. I suppose people that are really into UI work probably like to go work for big companies instead.

@eetboogerz @FiXato or – maybe – the exact opposite is true and those programmers just want to program without getting "told" what to do by non-programmers. Or both? Or anything in-between🤷 .

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