Since I haven't had the motivation lately to work on finishing my , I've at least made a separate export of the page I made for it:

In it I try to list the various I switch between, as well as films and series I have recently watched or am watching.

@FiXato When it comes to blogging, I've also found that "starting" is easier than "finishing" which is why I keep a WIP rough-draft of my blog on my tilde so people can give feedback as I write. It's a great motivator and keeps the creative juices flowing.

@Seirdy that's probably a good idea, yeah. :)
In my case it's also the actual blog itself that needs more work before I feel like it's suitable enough to put online. :)

@FiXato All the more reason to set up a free staging site (e.g. on a tilde) so you can put something messy and under construction online. :akko_wink:
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