Star Trek (Short Treks, TOS, DS9) and Tribbles 

After watching the episode with @Siiw, I put on epside , because chronologically that'd be the next episode with (AFAIK).
Since she seemed to like that, I decided to follow it up right away with the episode because it has some aweome use of montage and extends the episode brilliantly.

Star Trek (Short Treks, TOS, DS9) and Tribbles 

It made me wonder though:
did just brush their involvement with how fertile are, under the rug?
Or is it merely an oversight of the writers?
While it's easy to say the latter, I also wouldn't put it past Starfleet to erase all evidence of one of theirs basically being the reason a species became so invasive that the decided to eradicate them.
Just to try to save face, and not have the Klingons know 'we' are responsible.

Star Trek (Short Treks, TOS, DS9) and Tribbles 

You'd think that after the genetic manipulation of them in the episode, they'd at least put a Captain's Eyes Only notification similar to the warning from in the system, so that whenever Tribbles come up in a report, they'd be informed on a need-to-know-basis that Tribbles are to be avoided because they can quickly overpopulate a station/ship...

But et al were all unaware of them and their risks...

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