I've created an alt account over at @FiXato

You can find the re-introduction post at

Once the avatar and other profile data are properly cached (currently I'm showing as a without profile info for some reason, at least from m.s), I'll boost the intro post and import my follows list.

Currently I don't have concrete plans for migrating away from this profile, yet. I first want to explore 's features, and maybe try out other alternatives.

@FiXato @FiXato Nice to try something new. I've been thinking about changing over to Hometown instead of Mastodon proper, since it's closer to my my current homemade patchset and I'm not looking for something radically different

I'm especially interested in the #Markdown support, and the ability to post more than 500 characters.
Since joining m.s. I'd been hoping for at least some formatting support to be added to mainline Mastodon, but it's more and more looking like that will never get added.

Ideally I'd move to a self-hosted single user instance, but I'm currently not interested in the administrational and maintenance tasks that would come with that.

@FiXato @FiXato Yeah, while I get the point of short(ish) messages , I appreciate the ability to go for a big wall-of-text rant if need be, so that's first thing I tweaked, it's upped to 4096 on cause in my head that was a nice round number :) But the ability to post public post to the instance, that are not federated to others, is a basic functionality in my view.

If you keep it single user its not that much maintenance, I upgrade once in a while and otherwise don't worry much about it.

@FiXato @FiXato That's awesome! is blocked on several instances by now (which sucks and isn't all that fair, I agree), so I bet some of your old mutuals miss you. 🙂

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