food pics, vegetarian-safe 

Made an earlier to at least stick with one tradition:

A bit lower than usual, but misjudged the amount of apples, likely due to them being smaller than last time (and thus more cores that needed removing).

Taste-wise one if the best I've made so far though.

It's been on and off here in , since yesterday already...
While it may look nice at first, it'll soon turn into disgusting gray sludge and ice, and I'm not looking forward to months on end of it again...

is coming?

And with that, the for , my in-development personal client using and , has been published to :

It's far from done, but I felt the code had matured enough from a simple proof of concept to see if Kivy was a suitable library for me, to one of my that I will slowly work on when I feel like it, to warrant its own repo.

Pokémon GO raid results 

I did just two today.
The result? 2 🙀
Happily surprised, even though their IVs are rather crap.

Didn't have a shiny nor shiny yet, so they are more than welcome in my !

Very informative !

Based on the "Go Beyond 40 Levels" header image, I'm guessing they are finally going to increase the level cap from 40 in .

Simplified link preview cards have been added to , complete with semi-transparent mouse-over tooltips that show where the link points to.

(Next step will be to apply these tooltips to all ref links.)

Thanks to @halcy's excellent library, it's really simple to access all this extra information. :)

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That's some quality details that owners csn appreciate xD
«I bought this one to replace a Dlink gigabit switch in my home network. The Dlink was running way hot, especially as my cat loved to sleep on top of it. It died, no doubt because of the heat. This one is still warm, but not nearly as hot. So the cat doesn't sleep on it as often.»

christmas decoration with alcohol reference 

I saw this in a shop, and just had to post it for the lovers here on the Fediverse. ;)

food pic (vegetarian) 

We're out of eggs, but wanted some yesterday, so I made him some instead.

The banana could probably have been a bit riper, and next time I'll probably add a bit more baking soda too, but for a first attempt they were decent. :)

And the most important thing: the little one liked them. :)

Not a lot of on today, but look, it can do image popups now!

(Still need to find a better solution for the image description text though, as some texts are too long to use as titles.)

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Progress on has been made at least. :)

For more details about the progress on it, see the image description.

Very much still work-in-progress, but I like seeing it turn into something somewhat useable already. :)

The framework for is one of the easier to understand ones I've tried so far, though I am starting to run into things now, such as selectable labels, where default widgets won't suffice...

Also added support for for my :)

(Which actually was surprisingly simple; might add a couple more over the coming weeks;)

(displayed xkcd comic is

But that's enough for today.

Did some more on my , since I wanted to add a sort of as well, that showed just the current image as well as the image alt/title.

Ended up adding the page title as well to the list of image descriptions, and a history of the last 2 comic's descriptions, as I noticed I sometimes didn't realise I forgot to actually read them till I was one or two comics further along.

Should perhaps add a thumbnail next to each of them too.

Cw image: (body) horror, cursed

Me: why is this callback method not showing the actual data in the console?
Me, 10 minutes later: right... I still have a filter active 🤦‍♂️

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