Still not sure if this log of is just happy, or grinning evilly.
There were quite some logs out here; it smelled like the wood section of a DIY store.

Good thing I've left my on for the past few months after it had spontaneously cracked in the top-right corner.
My phone just fell to the ground, face-down, onto sharp pebbles and rocks.
I heard a loud shattering of glass, so I feared the worst, but fortunately it was just the screenprotector that became completely useless, rather than my actual screen.
Just a small dent in the wallet-case; not a scratch on the !

*Gizmodo is leading the misleading title competition*
While looking for a way to get around 's anti-screenshot , I found this article: "How to take screenshots of Anything (Even when they're blocked)"

However, in the actual article:
"Right now there's no way around this restriction"
"For the time being there's no way to get around this."
and more like it.

From back when Google still had some sense of humour, and used marketing campaigns such as on , featuring

While I did get him to say Hoffsome, I never got him to one of my photos. :(

One might think the dog or cat got a hold of the post...
One would be wrong.

This is the result of letting our play with a local supermarket's advertising folder. 🤣

Still hard to imagine that a little over a year ago, when we visited this (of Fire) 20th Anniversary Tour, our little one was still in his mother's belly, and now he's babbling on my lap, grabbing at the cloth banner.

Ah, yes, , when here in northern you can still expect to be shoveling fresh off your path before you can properly go out...
Not a fan of , no...

Played a bit of again for the first time in several months. Don't think I did too badly for so long without practice.

2460 passengers over 74 days.

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