There was a lovely over in , earlier tonight.
A bit sad that the season of is already gone... soon there will be snow everywhere already...

So, I'd better make sure I get to enjoy some wonderful sights like this on my walks...

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I finally got around to playing the in , and while I've only played the free first chapter, I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far!
Did two runs so far, with the first two decks as 'scamp from the lamp' , and they've been massively fun, especially with certain over-kill treasures.
I've enjoyed combining card cost reduction hero power with HP refresh and Time Warp.

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More flowers to liven up your day.

This photo of _Leucanthemum vulgare_ (I think; @Siiw will probably correct me if I'm wrong), commonly known as ox-eye or dog , was also taken during my late evening walk around Økologiske earlier this week.

Another photo taken during my evening visit to (), the ecological garden where we also have a patch.
Looking forward to eating more of this year's harvest. :)

oddly enough gave me a station based on Misty Mountains when I asked to play "my music". I guess one of my last tracks played was that Hobbit song?

Not sure though how this rock/metal version of 's Nihilist song is related to Misty Mountains though‽

(The next track, Ravenlord — Mystic Prophecy, isn't better related to that either. Good music, both, but I don't see the connection.)

The ;) as seen from

Went out last night to the ecological garden in last night, where we have a patch ourselves, and share labour (and the fruits of it) on the shared crop fields. Took some pictures of the crops and flowers there, as well as this view of the in the distance.

@fedilab is the instance info accessible from the (i) in the sidebar, supposed to say "Is down!" when the instance is actually up?

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