@fedilab a minor when reloading the app when it was focused on the notifications: the timeline icon is highlighted rather than the notifications icon.


Decided to explore by trying to draw a familiar sight from my childhood: the over , , near my in the .

It's been a long time since I last touched any version of . The last time it was probably still called 😏

Still getting the hang of the , but for 30-45 minutes of drawing with on and off my lap, I'm satisfied with it.


A tad disappointing catches this . Just a single (which I fully evolved into a ), and most of the were also low IV compared to previous event days.
Probably to do with the tweaked spawn

Oh well, at least it was good to be outside for some , even though it's definitely starting to turn towards weather!


Did a bunch of trades and got some , but perhaps more importantly, I made space for 102 more again for tomorrow's . :)
Should be enough to do a lot of 'berry-glitch' quick-catches before I have to resort to trashing the low CP/IV ones in bulk.


Also managed to max out my trade distance badge. :) Getting Australian long-distance eggs really helps. ;)


Soothing Warmth

I wonder if it's a primal instinct that watching these gives a rather comforting feeling?

Now that it actually gets dark again —which isn't the case around here in summer— maybe I should fire up the / again before it starts snowing and freezing... just so I can take a other set of photos like these?


food (scrambled eggs) photo 

photo of hairbrush with hairs 

@fedilab there's a with parsing of links if the protocol isn't all lowercase, as it will remove the colon from the posted URL's actual protocol and prefix it with http:// instead.

Https://guides•fixato•org will be converted to:
(periods manually replaced with • to prevent URL parsing)

Test cases:
lowercase, working, URL: guides.fixato.org
capitalised, broken, URL: Https://guides.fixato.org


The live-painter (Santos de Veracruz?) from Muchachito Bombo Infierno singing his part at () 2012.

I kinda miss taking these kind of photographs at (outdoors) live concerts. I mostly stopped doing it because they started refusing 'professional looking' cameras, and that apparently included my , which even at the time was more of a consumer entry level model.


Right, I'm prob a day late, and I'm not participating in in earnest since isn't really something I do a lot, but I got an idea of what to for the prompt , so I figured I'd try my hand at a quick and share it here regardless:


I guess you could say I'm doing a / attempt at it ;)

I've been enjoying quite a bit of 's on , which offers a quick fix with fairly short 2 lap races. :)

So far it's been rather easy to get all stars on the tracks, and even to rank in the top 3 frequently, but I expect that's mostly due to a low difficulty on the early cups, and not as much my skill. ;)

So, if anyone is looking for to add, feel free to add mine: 878132575308



The nearby psychiatric hospital has a couple of lovely public park areas, which also house some nice and artworks. One of them is off two , wearing rain clothes.
This is of one of the , looking forlorn out into the distance.


I'm not good with myself, but when I saw that is 's first day theme, I wanted to do something about the device for it.
I remembered that (play.google.com/store/apps/det) could create an ink / / like thing out of a video.
So, I loaded up youtu.be/U1U3CzJ60AY into it, and swiped a couple of times till I got this:


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