The / (sort of ) turned out mighty fine and tasty too :D

slices that have been bathing overnight in sugar and cinnamon, coated in batter, in oil, and then coated with more cinnamon and sugar.

No individual image descriptions, but the first one is four of them floating in piping hot oil in a pan, and the rest is them cooled down, with or without a cinnamon sugar coating.

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Likely spoiler for the Epic Games Holiday Sale list of daily free games 

(it looks like that this leaked list of for ' is quite accurate so far, but I'll continue to post the daily free game here regardless.)

List of games that is likely to be the list of daily free games during the Epic Games Holiday Sale:

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I like it when two unrelated entries in a timeline or stream appear to do have some kind of connexion / are reacting to each other. ;)

(kinda blurry) meat photo 

Quite satisfied with how the () turned out after spending several hours in the oven. :)

asked for it after seeing it in a grocery shop's brochure, but unfortunately when it was on his plate, he didn't want it. :(

I'm watching the on , and it kinda bugs me that these use such as 'feet', rather than (centi)metres.
I'm having a hard time imagining that astronauts would use anything but , especially when working with and space agencies.

report of white supremacist username in Mario Kart Tour 

Just reported a white supremacist shithead's username I encountered in 's .

I sure hope Nintendo doesn't actually allow such racist display names in their games, but we'll see what their team replies.

Ugh... why is it still not possible to disable/remove an event listener from 's panel?

Switched back to instead for my needs, as it allows me to disable the input event listener that is making the typed text in the textarea appear as if it's being transmitted over a 300 baud modem.

Sure, I lose at-mention- and hashtag-completion, but at least I won't be staring at my text input for several minutes:

Santa's Dark Truth (Link/Image CW: Christmas, Cartoon Death) 

Well... that explains a lot...

(Warning, while this / isn't very nsfw, most of the rest of definitely is)

food pics, vegetarian-safe 

Made an earlier to at least stick with one tradition:

A bit lower than usual, but misjudged the amount of apples, likely due to them being smaller than last time (and thus more cores that needed removing).

Taste-wise one if the best I've made so far though.

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