Time for some oldskool & by with his 2020 album "De Avonturen van de ", including a new version of his hits Lest De Dorst and "Iedereen Petje Af": open.spotify.com/album/4PlYyqq

What a lovely of tunes from by !
And such a lovely variety of instruments too. :)

0:00 Time's Scar
2:09 Dreams of the Shore Near Another World
3:09 Lizard Dance
4:23 Navel of the World
5:59 Life ~ A Distant Promise
7:10 Chrono Main Theme
7:42 Home World - Grasslands

I've been listening quite a bit to tonight, but I've had to check a couple of times already to make sure I wasn't listening to instead.

Not a bad thing. ;)


Glad to be wearing headphones for this by 's . :)

has some loud moans that I'd rather not broadcast through the house at this time of day, lol.

DooM, Animal Crossing, Gore, graphic language, metal 

What's this?
Narration by (), guitar and mixing by (), vocals by () and () and a guitar solo by ?
Yes, please!

(CW: lyrics describe son being kicked out of estate by intolerant father for having a 'forbidden affair' with servant)

's cover of is certainly one of the better ones I've heard. I wonder if there is a full version of it available online.

Ohh! Looks like I missed the release of another song by aka , this time for : youtube.com/watch?v=-3gx-jyEL3

So, turn that volume knob up to 666 and get ready to your speakers with !

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theme is one of the best tracks out there, especially for the !

So upbeat, and it brings so much to me. Especially when the get added when hops onto the back of !