I'm thinking of getting a for some , and maybe , as well as some , and daily Internet browsing needs.
Since I don't expect to do any hardware tinkering with it, a GPIO is not necessary. I would like to have at least 1GB of RAM though; preferably 2GB or more.
would be nice, but not a requirement.
Any recommendations that would fit this and a budget of 60-80 USD?

Right, PC rebooted, Spotify opened so it can play over the wireless headphones that are connected to it, Spotify opened on my phone too, so I can remote control it, and stretched out on the sofa now so i can hopefully actually get some done.

- The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck open.spotify.com/album/4CuuJ8v

I should've slept some as well while the actually slept through most of the night, but I enjoyed a night of undisturbed on a archival and tagging tool.
Bunch of with , quick and dirty text comparison and filtering with , but it seems to serve its purpose for archiving 14 years of my SO's dreamdiaries from an online forum.

For now I'm satisfied with the , and will work on a importer next.