: Alien Macro Forest
A taken at one of the gardens of a nearby psychiatric hospital. really provides some of the best local parks and , which have been the subject of many shots.


got a box of as an early birthday gift from one of the other mothers in my SO's August pregnancy group.
You know what that means, right? Not only does our little explorer get to develop his fine motor skills in a fun and playful way, but his parents will only rediscover the joys of stepping barefoot on a stray piece in the middle of the night, waking up the entire house with a primal scream. 🀣


A day at the beach
Another photograph . This one was also taken on ; the beach of in particular. The thing I like about this one is how natural everyone looks. No awkward poses; just a moment where people, young and old, are enjoying themselves in the water, frozen in time for eternity.


Reach up for the sky and... SNEEZE!

of a yellow I did over 8 years ago, on the 4th of #2011 in the with my camera.
Don't recall what kind of it is, but I'm sure @Siiw will know if anyone's interested. Wouldn't surprise me if it was some kind of weed. ;)


This over (side channel "C" of the ) was part of my daily view while growing up in the .
It's seen many iterations (and actually, the original bridge that this one replaced, no longer exists), but nevertheless it's a very familiar sight for me.
Before migrating to Norway, I tried getting it accepted as portal in , but unfortunately it got rejected.


Since I've been running behind on my Daily Photograph entries, here's one of and , taken on a warm evening in of #2015 in the . Unfortunately I can't really take these kinds of pictures here in northern during summer, as it doesn't really get dark above the around now... something something .


Green Red Berries
Today's Daily Photograph is of some unripe red currant, photographed with my in , near the end of #2017.


Latin: Ribes rubrum
English: Red currant
Norwegian: Hagerips
Dutch: Aalbessen, rode bessen

They're starting to form on their shrubs now too, and with , they'll soon be ripe.

Okay, how about two Daily Photograph items for today?
While the previous one was a good memory, I didn't feel like it stood out well enough on its own.

So, here's a taken on , of (thanks @Siiw) in a pretty pattern of yellow, white and pink, with a shallow : mastodon.social/media/Cg_WrD2_

The camara are plants in the () family: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lantana_

Greek Beer and a Sunny Beach
The Daily Photograph of today is one I took in of #2016 on , , at a beach of .
It was a hot day at the , and @Siiw and I enjoyed a nice can of Ρλ Ξ–Ο…ΞΈΞΏΟ‚ to cool down a bit.

Definitely one of the better spots I've been to. :)


with me
as I picked just a quick photo from ' from 3 years ago as today's Daily Photograph: mastodon.social/media/RLV6tvqA

This is the backside of a bear by . It's sitting in the middle of a in one of the areas of local psychiatric hospital aka and is an portal / gym.

Today's Daily Photograph is of some pink flowers of which I'm sure @Siiw will know the name better than me, and a sea shell. The photo was taken in #2016 at in , .

It's a lovely area which houses some quite old buildings originally used for building boats and is home to the Β and


Today's Daily Photograph is of a taken on the 9th of #2011, at the of , in the .
I used the camera of the I had at the time, and I can definitely appreciate how much the quality of phone cameras has improved since then. It's still not a bad picture, but image stabilisation, contrast and white balance has gotten better since.


Tic-Tac Tastatur
Today's Daily Photo is one from the 31st of May 2011, when I was playing around with on my . It's a wedged between some keys on my ("tastatur" in Norwegian); don't ask me why. ;)


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