food pics, vegetarian-safe 

Made an earlier to at least stick with one tradition:

A bit lower than usual, but misjudged the amount of apples, likely due to them being smaller than last time (and thus more cores that needed removing).

Taste-wise one if the best I've made so far though.

It's been on and off here in , since yesterday already...
While it may look nice at first, it'll soon turn into disgusting gray sludge and ice, and I'm not looking forward to months on end of it again...

is coming?

christmas decoration with alcohol reference 

I saw this in a shop, and just had to post it for the lovers here on the Fediverse. ;)

food pic (vegetarian) 

We're out of eggs, but wanted some yesterday, so I made him some instead.

The banana could probably have been a bit riper, and next time I'll probably add a bit more baking soda too, but for a first attempt they were decent. :)

And the most important thing: the little one liked them. :)

*Zombie Rising*

This was sticking out of the ground several years ago, near my childhood home in , the .

Especially with the way the fingers are positioned, and against the , it gave the impression of a zombie emerging from the ground. :)

I still wonder if it was placed there intentionally. :) It certainly stood there for a while.

lego duplo eye-contact 

I also made this monstruous 'train' creation with 's , most of which he took down shortly after. xD

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Encountered a pretty cool looking in 's city centre earlier this week. 😍

I don't care much for in general, but a semi- like this does make me stop, look and maybe take a picture. :)

Food (non-vegetarian!) 

I'll admit I added some in the form of , and to the dish, and fried those with a big knob of butter...
Served it up with a mix of .

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Food (Vegan-friendly?) 

Spent quite some time, probably close to 2 hours?, on preparing and cooking earlier today, but I think it was worth it. :)

Cleaned and sliced a bunch of that we (mostly @Siiw <3) have grown ourselves, as well as a pink, an orange and a plain red , red / , some and a large . Fried them in batches in a pan alternating between medium-high and low heat.

I just absolutely love these by amateur / developers ( and Martijn aka ) for the .

During my move to I unfortunately got rid of the modified boxes they were wrapped around, but these generators will never get sold anyway...

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