food photograph 

Soothing Warmth

I wonder if it's a primal instinct that watching these gives a rather comforting feeling?

Now that it actually gets dark again β€”which isn't the case around here in summerβ€” maybe I should fire up the / again before it starts snowing and freezing... just so I can take a other set of photos like these?

food (scrambled eggs) photo 

The live-painter (Santos de Veracruz?) from Muchachito Bombo Infierno singing his part at () 2012.

I kinda miss taking these kind of photographs at (outdoors) live concerts. I mostly stopped doing it because they started refusing 'professional looking' cameras, and that apparently included my , which even at the time was more of a consumer entry level model.

The nearby psychiatric hospital has a couple of lovely public park areas, which also house some nice and artworks. One of them is off two , wearing rain clothes.
This is of one of the , looking forlorn out into the distance.

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