Given or "Flag of France", how do I get:
- bleu rendered as RGB 0, 35, 14
- blanc rendered as RGB 255, 255, 255
- rouge rendered as RGB 237, 41, 57
*using only the API*

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Right, enough for tonight ( /
Time for a couple of rounds of to wind down, and then some sleep.

Should probably write a bit more of a detailed blog post with the how and why tomorrow. :)

I probably should've used my time to work on the backend/layout for the blog, but I felt more like working on a standalone thing that wasn't a continuation of an existing project, if that makes sense...

Okay, a bit of padding helps hit the individual numbers better. :)

Also highlighted the background on them, and the visual feedback makes a difference too. :D

The multiple audio files for a single item playing simultaneously needs some changes though, as that doesn't work very well when they have different durations... Should be an easy fix though.

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Let's see if implements this for regarding in-game .
I guess I should've suggested as well, but I guess most players would expect the format to be displayed in their usual .

❠A person’s “preferred name” is their name, their “legal name” is something else, and it’s our duty as software engineers not to muddle the two up.❞

❠A name is a collection of characters that identifies a person. It almost certainly doesn’t identify them uniquely, and importantly, it need not bear any relation to their “legal name”.❞

❠Do Not Record Legal Names (Unless You Have To)❞

That's some excellent !

Instead of refusing me to use the app till I've manually updated the via the and force kill the running app once it's updated, it offered to download the in the background, let me continue to use the app in the mean time, and let me install the update when *I* wanted to. It then showed a separate update progress window and automatically returned back to the app afterwards.

right, to sort of answer my own question regarding / under , which is a dependency of -cookie_jar->http-cookie->domain_name->unf->unf_ext, I managed to get it working with:
apt-cyg install ruby subversion make openssh openssl openssl-devel sqlite3 git git-completion nano gccmakedep gcc-core libgcc1 libgccpp1 gcc-g++ zlib-devel libiconv-devel

Not sure which pkg it actually fixed, but this worked for http-cookies as well as Nokogiri.

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Right, I've done all my my brain will let me for today. Learned a couple of things, played around with in support ( and brushed some dust and rust off my 'skills'.

So far I'm satisfied with my (limited) progress, and it looks like will be a suitable basis for my vague / plans.

I'm getting more and more tempted to build my own kind of device, preferably with an display.

Current ideas:
* display what's currently playing
* list of recently played tracks, along with like/dislike/favourite buttons, and perhaps a way to quickly assign to a shortlist of playlists.
* calendar
* alarms
* frequently used timers
* last x toots from those I follow, matching certain keywords
* notes to/from @Siiw which don't need immediate attention

I wish would either include music/sfx/speech volume *sliders* rather than just toggles in their () apps, or if app-specific sliders for them would be included/implemented on the level.

I would like to be able to listen to my music, and hear speech/sound effects of the I'm playing, but I want to be able to set the game's audio to a far lower level than my music player's.

, please don't forcefully open a webpage, especially upon install or uninstall of your application.
If I've just closed my browser to free up resources, I don't want to wait several minutes for it to start up again because you want to show a 'goodbye page', and then have to close it again.
Automatically opening webpages from an app without consent is just .

Time for a bit more coding on , and archiving of personal content from the GoogleUserContent servers before it's inevitably deleted too.

According to this article¹ by Ignacio Monereo, published longer than 4 years ago, and not generating more than 50% of the publisher's total revenue, represented 17% of the top games in the , and the number of downloads in H1 2018 accounted for 17.5% of the total.

The section about revenue increase by removing older releases is also worth reading.


Dear , dear ,

Please let me calculate fees without having to sign up/in; supplying my country and maybe postcode should be sufficient for that.
I'm not gonna supply you with till I'm certain I actually want to make a purchase.