I'm getting more and more tempted to build my own kind of device, preferably with an display.

Current ideas:
* display what's currently playing
* list of recently played tracks, along with like/dislike/favourite buttons, and perhaps a way to quickly assign to a shortlist of playlists.
* calendar
* alarms
* frequently used timers
* last x toots from those I follow, matching certain keywords
* notes to/from @Siiw which don't need immediate attention

I wish would either include music/sfx/speech volume *sliders* rather than just toggles in their () apps, or if app-specific sliders for them would be included/implemented on the level.

I would like to be able to listen to my music, and hear speech/sound effects of the I'm playing, but I want to be able to set the game's audio to a far lower level than my music player's.

, please don't forcefully open a webpage, especially upon install or uninstall of your application.
If I've just closed my browser to free up resources, I don't want to wait several minutes for it to start up again because you want to show a 'goodbye page', and then have to close it again.
Automatically opening webpages from an app without consent is just .

Time for a bit more coding on , and archiving of personal content from the GoogleUserContent servers before it's inevitably deleted too.

According to this articleΒΉ by Ignacio Monereo, published longer than 4 years ago, and not generating more than 50% of the publisher's total revenue, represented 17% of the top games in the , and the number of downloads in H1 2018 accounted for 17.5% of the total.

The section about revenue increase by removing older releases is also worth reading.

ΒΉ: medium.com/googleplaydev/your-

Dear , dear ,

Please let me calculate fees without having to sign up/in; supplying my country and maybe postcode should be sufficient for that.
I'm not gonna supply you with till I'm certain I actually want to make a purchase.