— "What are you going to do with it?"

«World history is not the ground of happiness. The periods of happiness are empty pages in her.»
— Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, German philosopher

See also the 'Chinese' curse that isn't actually Chinese: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/May_you_

Maybe reading some will distract my thoughts long enough to drift off...

“Chateau Maison?
that’s foreign for cat’s water, you know, but that’s only their way, I know it ain’t real cat’s water.
Real cat’s water is sharper.”

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«“I’ve got a new hawk,” said Hodgesaargh proudly.
“It’s a Lancre crowhawk. They’ve never been tamed before. I’m taming it. I’ve already stopped it pecking myooooow—”
He flailed the hawk madly against the wall until it let go of his nose.

Strictly speaking, Hodgesaargh wasn’t his real name.
On the other hand, on the basis that someone’s real name is the name they introduce themselves to you by, he was definitely Hodgesaargh.»

hygiene: after reading 'ian phrases such as 'dire rear' for 'diarrhoea', all I'm picturing now is a pair of stoned 'high jeans'.

*Reading List: Another Discworld book*
With done, it's time for another book by : .
I was first gonna pick up again, but since I can't remember where I left off, and more feel like something lighter, I decided to just pick the next in the Witches series.
I still prefer the and over this series, but it's better than I expected. :)

The further I get into Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel Raising Steam, the more rushed it feels...
I have a feeling this would've done better spread over 2 or 3 books, rather than a single one. Characters and species keep getting introduced out of nowhere, and barely given any content before moving on again to the next.
Maybe it's to enhance the fleeting aspect of a train passing by along its tracks, but it just feels unfinished and rushed to me.

"Making money is good, but there is no pockets in a shroud."
mid-19th century , possibly earlier, though I first read it in Terry Pratchett's Discworld novel Raising Steam.


The Archchancellor smiled and said, ‘Then perhaps we should be the ones who are minding the doors, not to mention the gap, because the future is coming down the track fast. And who knows what is going to arrive next.’

#StarTrek / #Discworld crossover theory 

@quark crash-landed on once, lost his memory, got treated by an who gave him cosmetic surgery so he would blend in more (and needed the ears to help an elephant) with the other -ians, and was called .

Hurray! Looks like my favourite will be doing a again soon!

Looking forward to seeing fail spectacularly: twitter.com/Kikoskia/status/10

I've just finished reading 's novel . Overall it was enjoyable, but not as good as previous books in the series imho.

It felt a bit long-winded at times, and seemed to include some characters just for the sake of having them make an appearance.

Nevertheless I've had a hard time putting the book (or rather phone with app) down at times, so I can't complain too much. It's good to read social commentary mixed with fantasy.

Up next:

The little is being again and despite his bottle, a fresh diaper and cuddling with his dear ol' dad, doesn't want to stay asleep. Maybe I should read him some ; it's not like he can understand yet that I'd be talking about murdered 😂


“I also know seventy-three farmyard noises, my favourite of which is the sound of a farmer who has had one boot sucked from his foot by the muck he’s trying to avoid and has nowhere else to put his stockinged foot but in the said muck. Hugely amusing, sir.’”

Anyway, enough with the drama and looking back on what ruined ;)

It sounds like the little two-months old is asleep again, and hopefully for the remainder of the night this time... so, I'll try to get sleepy with a and one of 's books through the app.

Having finished yesterday, it's now onto another , namely , as I'm alternating between the Watch and novels atm.

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