ended up doing the thing, and actually doing just the , instead of .
So, my alone time while was napping, consisted of doing almost all the dishes (just some cutting boards and a container are left soaking), and folding some laundry, and peeking at / posting to the every now and then.
Quickly ate some of the cheese on bread as a late lunch, feeding the occasional bit to BG.

Talking with the at the in earlier today, kinda makes me wish I knew some other Dutch here with whom I could occasionally talk in my mother tongue.

Sure, his conversation was mostly meant to (successfully) sell me some excellent Dutch at a price I would likely never have bought it for back in the , but it felt surprisingly good to not just speak Dutch again, but also to hear it.

while in the shower, I finally remembered what I was going to search earlier today: the name of a from my youth. Before I finished my h
shower, I actually remembered the name () myself already, though I couldn't remember the name of a specific actor () in it.
Ended up looking up the intro clips on and now I kinda want to watch entire episodes of it.
I bet it's not gonna be as good as I remember though...

Reach up for the sky and... SNEEZE!

of a yellow I did over 8 years ago, on the 4th of #2011 in the with my camera.
Don't recall what kind of it is, but I'm sure @Siiw will know if anyone's interested. Wouldn't surprise me if it was some kind of weed. ;)


Wow, has it been 23 years already since the by Jochem Fluitsma & Eric van Tijn was released?
Even if you don't understand Dutch, watching the videoclip at youtu.be/wftARWunM2I is imho worth it just for the contemporary footage of the .
Wouldn't mind seeing an updated version, even though it'd probably show a lot more people staring into their phones...

Dutch Wikipedia article: nl.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/15_mil

I know that have a certain effect on foreigners, and often get requested by them on return visits, but seeing them mentioned in series , was the first time I saw stroopwafels (as well as chocolade , and even ) in some 'TV' series.

Just a shame the pronunciation got so butchered, even by the vendor...

Years ago I wrote this post with suggestions on what to do while visiting the , with a focus on things I liked to do there as a native person: blogspot.fixato.org/2013/08/th

I really need to write a follow-up to that, with some other things and places I have fond memories of, as well as places I like to visit in , , where I'm now residing.

"What's your name?"
"Oh, that's a very pretty name; what is it, ?"

Oh, you,

Everyone's always going on about , but I never managed to enjoy that.
Instead, I much more prefer and !

This organic butter from 's is the tastiest I've found so far (even though it's quite thin), at least here in Norway, but I still prefer and miss the . Most of the Norwegian PBs I've tasted, were far too salty.


For the Dutchies (and expats) among us, especially those who grew up in the :
Who here still remembers the from the ?
I still have a fond memory of them, and I'd say they still are the best winegums I've ever had. They were soft and had a rich, distinctive flavour and always felt like a real treat. I think some hospitals also sold them.
In my memory some (all?) of them made me think of rectangular shaped medusa heads...
Been trying to find pictures, but no luck:(

A nice video for the on here, with some good arguments about why we should pick rather than if we're finally gonna stop the nonsense:


Een humoristische maar informatieve video voor de met een aantal goede argumenten voor het kiezen van ipv als we dat irritante eindelijk gaan afschaffen.

Daddy is rocking to with the little strapped to his chest in the baby carrier, while hanging up .

what is your favourite music to do to? :)

: & the - Woarom wil iedereen met mien noaor bed? open.spotify.com/track/13D7kh4

Skik - Op Fietse

Even though it's in , a dialect[1] of , and as such I can only understand most of it as I read along with the , this happy song from the always makes me want sing along: youtube.com/watch?v=d1bYRaihts

It brings back memories of a sunny summer evening, listening to this song performed live at / many years ago.
[1] Though some might say its a language of its own ;)