"What's your name?"
"Oh, that's a very pretty name; what is it, ?"

Oh, you,

Everyone's always going on about , but I never managed to enjoy that.
Instead, I much more prefer and !

This organic butter from 's is the tastiest I've found so far (even though it's quite thin), at least here in Norway, but I still prefer and miss the . Most of the Norwegian PBs I've tasted, were far too salty.


For the Dutchies (and expats) among us, especially those who grew up in the :
Who here still remembers the from the ?
I still have a fond memory of them, and I'd say they still are the best winegums I've ever had. They were soft and had a rich, distinctive flavour and always felt like a real treat. I think some hospitals also sold them.
In my memory some (all?) of them made me think of rectangular shaped medusa heads...
Been trying to find pictures, but no luck:(

A nice video for the on here, with some good arguments about why we should pick rather than if we're finally gonna stop the nonsense:


Een humoristische maar informatieve video voor de met een aantal goede argumenten voor het kiezen van ipv als we dat irritante eindelijk gaan afschaffen.

Daddy is rocking to with the little strapped to his chest in the baby carrier, while hanging up .

what is your favourite music to do to? :)

: & the - Woarom wil iedereen met mien noaor bed? open.spotify.com/track/13D7kh4

Skik - Op Fietse

Even though it's in , a dialect[1] of , and as such I can only understand most of it as I read along with the , this happy song from the always makes me want sing along: youtube.com/watch?v=d1bYRaihts

It brings back memories of a sunny summer evening, listening to this song performed live at / many years ago.
[1] Though some might say its a language of its own ;)